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Acupuncture Helps Deal with Big City Blues

8080811_S(1)Cities like Los Angeles and New York City are known for their massive amounts of people. The millions of people living in these cities are vulnerable to more stressful lives than their suburban-dwelling counterparts. They are subsequently more susceptible to emotional health problems like anxiety and depression.

City dwellers need to focus more, talk louder and become desensitized to the continuous commotion of the city. This adds stress to the brain. Not to mention that cities are notoriously cluttered with people, buildings and cars. Getting from home to work means dodging cars, weaving in and out of crowd of people or taking a packed bus or subway and trying to find a seat. The anticipation and execution of this daily behavior adds stress and anxiety to one’s life unconsciously.

Everyone has somewhere to go and everyone wants to get there fast. Frantic, might be the right word. This daily hyperactivity can result in anxiety, depression, irritability and an inability to wind down from the day to sleep well.

Some people just know how to handle the pressures of big cities, adopting yoga, meditation and acupuncture to relieve stress and protect their health, both mentally and physically. Natural medicine, like acupuncture, releases stress from the body and mind, relieving anxiety and depression. The stress relief of acupuncture gives lasting results allowing you feel able to tackle the impending stress of tomorrow.

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