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Injured Football Players Using Acupuncture in Recovery Process

Football QuarterbackHappy New Year! From all of us at Wellstream Acupuncture we wish you nothing but the best in 2016 and hope that you reach all of your high-water marks and that you don’t break any of your resolutions. There is a reason why people say things like ‘New year, new me’ when we hit the first couple of weeks of January, because there is hope right after the ball drops, right after the clock strikes midnight. We suddenly become determined to be the best people we can possibly be, healthy and happy. Therefore it is important to make New Year’s resolutions, because they give our health and happiness some structure and purpose.

Brett Blumenthal of the Huffington Post writes, “Every new year brings an onslaught of New Year’s resolutions. Many will make resolutions to eat better, to lose weight, to exercise and to give up something they love (like chocolate). Personally, I always find myself making resolutions that are less about health and more about self-development.”

Okay, Blumenthal makes a good point here about resolutions. When we make resolutions because of health reasons, we set ourselves up for possible failure. Our resolutions should be viewed in the context of self-development that is built on a foundation of health. Acupuncture is a medical practice that is about self-development and health; it brings those two worlds together, a practice that will bring you into a world of change, inside and outside of your body. One such person who has experienced the life-changing benefits of acupuncture is Houston Texans quarterback Brian Hoyer.

This season, Hoyer suffered two concussions in just one month and was at a loss as to what he should do. Reflecting on how acupuncture helped his pregnant wife with their son, Hoyer turned to acupuncture for help.

When his wife was 36 weeks pregnant the couple discovered that the baby was breech, meaning it wasn’t in the right position for a natural birth. Hoyer’s wife did not want to have a C-section and learned that acupuncture can help shift the baby’s position. It worked.

In Hoyer’s words, “Once I saw that, I believed acupuncture can do anything.”

So far, the acupuncture has been helping with his recovery process and he is certain that it will continue to make a giant impact on his life. It has helped him immensely up to this point; he will be playing in the playoffs against the Chiefs in Saturday’s wild-card game.

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