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Fulfill Your New Year Resolution with Acupuncture

A New Year resolution is a promise we make to ourselves, and by keeping these promises, we choose to put our personal growth and well-being above all else. Self-development is the keystone of ancient healing medicine technique, and the basis for most acupuncture practices. Let’s explore some of the ways in which acupuncture can help… Read more »

Destressing for the Holidays

Every year, as the holiday season approaches, we find ourselves saying “yes” more than usual: yes to more commitments, family obligations, social activities, and yes to a larger workload. As pressure mounds, a chaotic internal environment is created, often leading to worsening health problems. The good news is that you have the power to reverse this. At WellStream… Read more »

Why the Time to Try Acupuncture is Now

If you’re straddling the fence in regard to whether you should try acupuncture or not, you’re not alone. A lot of people have their doubts as to whether acupuncture can help them with their particular issue, and that’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common ailments that acupuncture successfully treats. You’re… Read more »

Determining the Number of Acupuncture Sessions You Need

Many people have one question when seeking an acupuncture treatment: How many treatments will I need? The number of acupuncture sessions that you need is dependent on what you are being treated for and how long it has been a health concern for you. Acute conditions such as a sprain or back pain, as a… Read more »

How Acupuncture Conquers Stress

If you find yourself lying awake at night worrying, spending time second guessing choices you’ve made, or thinking about tomorrow’s to-do list, then you’re like most Americans: you deal with stress. Recent studies have shown that stress in America is at an unusual high. However, if you find yourself a frequent victim to stress, anxiety… Read more »

Using Acupuncture for Turning Breech, and Inducing Labor

Acupuncture has proven to be a successful method of turning breech babies in the womb and can even help induce labor for mothers that are post-term. Turning a Breech Baby When you’re nearing the end of your pregnancy, sometime between seven and eight months, your baby will maneuver into the anterior position. This position is… Read more »

How Acupuncture Helps Your Health and Wellness

To stay healthy, you likely visit your primary care doctor on a yearly basis for a check-up. You likely visit the dentist every six months, to ensure that you are teeth are in good shape. Taking these types of preventative measures to maintain your health is important and can help you from illness, pain, and… Read more »

Acupuncture and Pregnancy: How Treatment Can Address Nausea, Pain and More

Did you know that acupuncture can offer you a wide range of benefits while you’re pregnant? Whether you’re an acupuncture veteran or looking for relief from acupuncture for the first time for some of the side effects of pregnancy, targeted acupuncture can help. Receiving acupuncture treatments while you’re pregnant is completely safe and can really… Read more »

Taking Away Tinnitus Symptoms through Acupuncture

Do you suffer from tinnitus, or persistent ringing in your ears? If you do, you might be curious about acupuncture treatment for tinnitus. Does it work? Will it help you? Acupuncture’s total effectiveness in treating tinnitus in patients is still being proven with official tests and studies within the medical community, but we can attest… Read more »

This Spring, Bring More Spring to Your Skin

The winter weather can be harsh on your skin. Instead of heading into the spring season with tired, dried-out skin that’s showing wrinkles, fine lines and even age spots, schedule an acupuncture treatment today to revitalize your skin! Acupuncture is a time-tested treatment that has been proven to offer a wide range of benefits, but… Read more »