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Not Alleviating Stress Could Put You in an Early Grave

StressWork, school, bills, family and just life are stressful, which can have really unhealthy side effects. Not relieving stress in some form or another can have a significant impact on physical health from minor ailments to major sicknesses that can be life threatening.

Long hours at work, screaming children and staring at pages of paperwork can all bring on stress. Reducing stress will naturally reduce headaches, which can evolve into migraines. Stress also upsets the stomach thanks to excess cortisol.

The hormonal impact on the body also can lead to acne and breakouts. When stressed, excessive stress and subsequent hormone release also produces more skin oil, clogging your pores, notorious for breakouts. Insomnia is another common side effect from stress, and all the ensuing issues associated with that, such as irritability and lacking concentration.

More serious implications beyond what has already been mentioned include elevated blood pressure and chest pain. Living with stress can cause the prescription of blood pressure medicine and can even lead to a heart attack after years of stress without relief. A decreased immune system also causes the onset or worsening of sicknesses or diseases, which can quickly become detrimental to overall health.

Reducing and removing stress from your life is a necessity when it comes to living a healthy life. Exercise, vacations and spending less time at work are all ways to chip away at stress. Medical solutions like acupuncture can also help relieve the mental and physical implications of stress. Getting stress relieved sooner than later prevents innumerable medical issues and protects overall quality of life.