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Reducing Stress When Trying to Conceive

Stork Trying to conceive can prove very stressful for many couples. Each month can be a roller coaster of emotions – wishing, waiting and hoping for conception, then being disappointed with a negative pregnancy test – the stress tends to wear on a couple. But all this concern and worry could produce conditions not conducive to procreation.

It is crucial to keep stress and cortisone levels to a minimum, as stress can cause an imbalance in hormones and irregular cycles. This is where fertility techniques such as acupuncture come in handy. Not only does acupuncture reduce stress and balance hormones, it helps improve sleep, regulates cycles, and helps your body function optimally to prepare for conception. Getting labs done to check hormone and vitamin D levels and thyroid function are helpful to customize herbal phase formulas. Good nutrition, regular exercise, along with prenatal vitamins, are also very important in setting the scene for conceiving a healthy baby.

Of course, the ovulatory phase is the most important time of your cycle for conception, so knowing your ovulation signs are crucial. Basal Body Temperature (BBT) charting is an easy and reliable way to predict ovulation. Ovulation kits are useful, but not always accurate, especially with PCOS where the luteinizing hormone is already elevated. Achieving these regular and consistent conditions for ultimate fertility is the trick, and acupuncture helps to improve conception rates.

Ideally, acupuncture treatments are done 4 times a month, once during each phase of the cycle – period, follicular, ovulation, luteal. At the least, a session at ovulation helps improve the chances for conception. The journey to motherhood should be fun and relaxing, and acupuncture can be a fundamental component to that journey.

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