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FAQ About Acupuncture

If you’ve never had acupuncture before, you probably have a lot of questions. Here is our guide to common FAQ about acupuncture: First of all, what is acupuncture, exactly? Acupuncture is a procedure rooted in ancient Chinese medicine. It involves inserting sterilized stainless-steel needles, which are as fine as a human hair, into specific points… Read more »

Understanding What Acupuncture Can Treat

If you’ve been following our blog, you probably have a good understanding about how acupuncture works and how long it’s been a method of treatment. But, if you’re still learning about this unique practice, you may be wondering about what acupuncture can actually treat. We have created a list that breakdowns some of the many… Read more »

How Acupuncture Helps Your Health and Wellness

To stay healthy, you likely visit your primary care doctor on a yearly basis for a check-up. You likely visit the dentist every six months, to ensure that you are teeth are in good shape. Taking these types of preventative measures to maintain your health is important and can help you from illness, pain, and… Read more »