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The Most Common Sports Injuries

ankle sprainAcupuncture can help alleviate pain associated with a wide range of conditions, including sports injuries that can strain muscles and ligaments throughout the body. There are a number of different injuries that can occur during intense physical activity, all of which can have long lasting effects if they aren’t treated properly. And some of the most common sports injuries are extremely preventable.

Whether working out, jogging, playing basketball, or doing anything else physically demanding, ankle sprains are something to watch out for. An ankle sprain is defined as damaged ligament in the ankle, a part of the body typically flexible. But your ankle can become worn and strained during quick movement or repeated use.

A knee injury, typically involving a ligament known as the ACL, is another problem physically active people encounter. Not only can an ACL tear cause intense pain, but it can severely limit a person’s ability to run, walk, and even stand in extreme cases. Like ankle sprains, these injuries can be caused by extending or twisting the leg, but they can be prevented. Stretching is important before any type of physical activity. Moreover, the proper safety equipment should always be worn whether you are playing football, riding a bike, or doing any sort of potentially dangerous activity.

While acupuncture can’t always completely treat the most extreme ligament and muscle injuries associated with sports and exercise, it can go a long way towards relieving pain and putting someone on the road to recovery. From Moxa Therapy that increases blood flow throughout the body to electro-stimulation, there are a number of excellent options for people who are dealing with this pain.

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