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WellStream Acupuncture Is Best Acupuncture in Los Angeles

Best AcupunctureIf you have issues with your muscles or joints, you may need something a little stronger than popping a few aspirins. Despite the horror of the idea, it might be helpful to go to someone who will shove needles into your body. People swear by acupuncture, so with that in mind, the Los Angeles Sun Times gathered some of the most highly rated acupuncture clinics in the Los Angeles area – and guess what? WellStream Acupuncture made the cut!

We are swelling with pride at being featured in the article and having the Los Angeles Sun Times mention that we were the winner of the 2014 Los Angeles Hot List for best acupuncture in LA. In the words of Hot List user Lisa, “Dr. Albon is fantastic! She really takes her time with her patients, will answer all questions in depth and is a true healer. I would recommend her to anyone with anything from a very serious condition to something more minor. She cares about people and her patients a great deal. Excellent beside manner.”

What a description! We would like to thank Lisa for her kind words. We take our holistic approach to treating patients very seriously. Going to an acupuncturist is not like going to the grocery store or anything like that. Think of it more as finding the right doctor, dentist, or, while not a life or death situation, a hairstylist/barber. If you do not find the right one, you’re in a bad spot, especially in a big city like Los Angeles – wandering through a desert of pain looking for that relief. Nobody wants to be that person; it is counterproductive and will only drain you.

At WellStream Acupuncture, we will do our best to heal whatever may ail you.

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