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Give The Gift of Health To A Friend Or Loved
One With An Acupuncture Gift Certificate

Looking for that perfect gift?

If you would like to give a loved one a very special gift, then giving the gift of health is the ultimate way to show your love and appreciation! Send them a gift certificate from WellStream Acupuncture.


Here are some gift suggestions:

• Gift certificate for a new patient first visit acupuncture appointment $175. Great for someone who is curious to discover the benefits of Acupuncture

• Gift certificate for a returning patient (you know that your friend already visits our clinic) $110

• Gift certificate for Cosmetic Acupuncture with guasha facial massage $200

• Gift certificate for multiple sessions. Great for someone with chronic health issues

• Gift certificate for a couples session. Mom/daughter, bridesmaids, best friends, any partners

• Gift certificate for herbal supplements $20-35

Certificates are a fabulous way to introduce friends and family to the benefits of acupuncture and herbal medicine, or to support their ongoing treatments.


All gift certificates are customized and available in any dollar amount you wish to give. Gift certificates are good for any service or product, including herbal supplements, and do not expire.

Gift certificates will be provided electronically via email. We will send the certificate to you or directly to your recipient, whatever your preference. You may wish to print out the gift certificate to give in person.

We are happy to help you create the perfect gift. Call us today at (323) 620-4934 or email to purchase your WellStream Acupuncture Gift Certificates. Make someone happy – and healthy!