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Holistic Acupuncture for Facial, Cosmetic, Pain & Fertility in Glendale

At WellStream Acupuncture, we believe in the powerful healing that acupuncture can provide. It’s why we offer holistic acupuncture for facial skin care, cosmetic treatments, pain management and fertility near Glendale. Acupuncturist Cindy Albon specializes in using integrative acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbs to promote healthy minds and bodies, and can help to restore your overall well-being within just a few sessions with us. Our acupuncture treatments deliver proven results and will help you look and feel your best.

Treat Physical Pain, Emotional, Psychological & Digestion Disorders with Acupuncture

The average person often experiences a range of pains that can make it difficult for them to function. WellStream Acupuncture seeks to help people rid themselves of these burdens by using acupuncture to rebalance the energy in their bodies and treat physical pain and emotional, psychological and digestive disorders through acupuncture. Different acupuncture treatments in Glendale can stimulate the various acupoints along the energetic pathways in your body, helping bring your energy levels back up. We can also help the vital energy in your body, called your Qi, flow more effectively, helping to minimize or even eliminate your physical, emotional or psychological issues.

Facial Rejuvenation & Cosmetic Acupuncturist in Glendale

There are many people in Glendale who spend thousands of dollars every year getting Botox injections or having plastic surgery. WellStream Acupuncture can eliminate the need for these services with facial rejuvenation from a cosmetic acupuncturist in Glendale. By working with our cosmetic acupuncturist, you can get rid of your unsightly wrinkles and make your face look smoother and younger within just a few treatments. By using special tiny needles, we can increase the blood circulation in your face and promote a healthier appearance for you overall.

Fertility / Infertility Acupuncture in Glendale

Are you struggling with infertility? Fertility acupuncture in Glendale can help. WellStream Acupuncture can help you balance out your hormones and regulate your period so that you can increase your chances of getting pregnant at some point in the near future. Our acupuncture services can also be used to take care of other reproductive system issues, including ovarian cysts, blocked tubes and more.

Acupuncture Oncology Services for Cancer Patients in Glendale

Undergoing cancer treatments on a regular basis can put an incredible strain on your body. WellStream Acupuncture understands the need for modern medicine when it comes to dealing with cancer, but we also believe that you can promote faster healing and help offset some of the side effects of cancer treatments with acupuncture oncology services. Our services have worked for many cancer patients in Glendale, and may be able to help you with your recovery.

Other Alternative / Holistic Natural Treatments & Remedies

Outside of all of the acupuncture services offered here, we also have other alternative and holistic natural treatments and remedies that we can use when you visit us at WellStream Acupuncture in Glendale. These special services include:

• Auriculotherapy (Ear Acupuncture)
• Electrostimulation
• Moxibustion (Moxa Therapy)
• Cupping Massage
• Aromatherapy
• Sound Therapy