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Acupuncture for Pain

Many people think of acupuncture treatments as a way help reduce or even eliminate pain. While some may scoff, even the World Health Organization has conclusively agreed that acupuncture has been proven as an effective treatment for a wide range of body aches and pains, including:

• Lower Back Pain
• Sciatica
• Neck/Shoulder Pain
• Headaches/Migraines
• Knee Pain
• Tennis Elbow
• Carpal Tunnel
• Arthritis
• Facial Pain/TMJ

There are a wide range of conditions that can cause pain, but through a precisiontreatment regimen, WellStream Acupuncture can help you find relief from your aches through natural means – without medication or drugs.

Living without pain can restore balance to your life, allowing you to enjoy your day-to-day activities again without constant aches and stiffness. Managing your pain can help restore your normal range of motion, make your daily routine less stressful and improve your overall quality of life.

Whether you suffer from pain from an old injury, chronic pain or acute pain from a pinched nerve or sciatica problems, or are seeking relief from joint pain caused by arthritis and inflammation, there’s no need to live with pain when you don’t need to. Call WellStream Acupuncture today at (323) 620-4934 to schedule an appointment and find out how acupuncture can help you live a more pain-free life.