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Patient Testimonials

WellStream Acupuncture’s successful treatments has yielded some loyal and satisfied patients over the years. Here are some testimonials for Cindy Albon’s personal approach and compassionate care:

Stacey Z, Los Feliz

Cindy has been transforming. I had a myriad of health issues impacting the quality of my life- stomach upset and exhaustion several days a week, even as I ate well and slept well. The response of my doctor was basically let’s keep upping the meds. Now, with Cindy, I actually feel great (not just ‘not bad’). She has a calm spirit, she listens. I can actually imagine what it will be like to be in excellent health physically and mentally. I can’t recommend enough.

AMANI W, Inglewood

I went to Cindy for facial rejuvenation. Although I don’t have wrinkles or fine lines, I felt as though my face could stand to look more youthful. Because I didn’t have wrinkles or fine lines, I wasn’t sure if I’d see any results. Well, about five sessions in, I was asked, “Have you done anything to your face? Your skin looks great and you look younger.” Well, that was all I needed to hear to continue my sessions. Since then, I’ve received several compliments about my skin and how good it looks. Cindy is very thorough. Although I went in for facial rejuvenation, she addressed other areas where I had old injuries and a new one that occurred during my session. I feel so refreshed after each session, like GOLD! If you’re on the fence about having facial rejuvenation done, worry no more. Oh, and did I mention she follows up with session with a facial massage that further stimulates the collagen in your face? Treat yourself today!

Alan S., Laguna Woods

Hi Cindy,
First, I want to thank you.
Although not perfect, my condition has definitely improved a lot. I still cough, but mostly at night while lying down, and that seems to be subsiding also. My sinus’s are completely open now!
Between you and the allergy doctor I visited the following day, I feel about 90% better than i did during our first acupuncture visit.
So a BIG THANK YOU for your help!!
Again, I enjoyed our visits and without a doubt would recommend your services to all.

AMANDA L, Los Angeles

I started coming to Cindy when my husband and I were trying to get pregnant. I’ve always had very irregular cycles (varying in length from 28 to 52 days). After one very long cycle that ended with a negative pregnancy test I decided to give acupuncture a try. I’d read that acupuncture could help regulate your menstrual cycle as well as help with fertility. After one month of treatments my cycle got shorter and I got pregnant! Unfortunately that pregnancy ended in miscarriage but I continued seeing Cindy in the month after the miscarriage and was surprised to get my period only 32 days after I lost the pregnancy. I believe the acupuncture helped my body to repair itself more quickly after the miscarriage. Shortly after that I got pregnant again and just a little over a year after I started treatments with Cindy, our daughter Eleanor was born. Cindy says that her “acupuncture babies” are always calm and happy babies and that is certainly true for us – Eleanor is a beautiful, healthy and happy baby! I will definitely be going back to Cindy when we are ready to try again for #2!

DEMI M, Los Angeles

I came to Cindy with hopes to help me with fertility issues. For about two years after active trying and fertility charting, I decided to try acupuncture to get my body ready for a baby. Plus, I was having frequent migraines, which did go away after a couple of sessions. After seeing Cindy weekly for about 4 months, my husband and I tried the IUI cycle to go along with acupuncture. And it worked! Now I’m almost 37 weeks pregnant and looking forward to meeting my baby soon. What I like about Dr. Cindy Albon is her always good attitude, warm smile and thorough analysis of any symptoms I would have at each session. I would highly recommend her, because I know that without her I wouldn’t feel that good as I do now, even when carrying a baby. Many thanks for helping with my journey to motherhood.

B B, Beverly Hills

I was happy to find an alternative to Botox and artificial fillers for my facial lines. The facial rejuvena­tion treatments are painless. FYI… teeny weeny needles if you are needle phobic like me! Dr. Albon is very nurturing, professional and created a pleasant atmosphere. She also worked on helping clear my chronic sinusitis simultaneously… love the time saver. I’ll be back.

BREN H, Sherman Oaks

Cindy has the touch of a master. She healed my gall stones in the first visit. I was in horrible pain and somehow she worked her magic and the pain disappeared overnight. I highly recommend her.

DAVID S, Silverlake

Wonderful experience. Extremely thorough exam followed by a clear discussion about my symptoms and what they meant. That discussion is really important to me as I feel that most doctors don’t do a good enough job on that front. Three sessions and I feel like myself again. The stress is gone and my digestion is back to normal. The office is calm and lovely and Doctor Albon put me at ease, treated my issue with care and gave me a strong understanding of what was going on with my body. Highly recommended.

L L, Monterey Park

I went to Dr. Albon with multiple problems: appendicitis, weight loss, undernourished, dizziness, kidney weakness, general sickness. Each visit she spent time carefully going over each detail of my body, then treating with Acupuncture, Nutrition and Herbs. By the second visit there was a marked difference in health and stamina. I had more energy, the dizziness went away and I was feeling more whole in general. By the fourth visit, we couldn’t believe I was the same person. We rejoiced at the heal­ing process. I owe my life to Dr. Albon. Her care, expertise and diligence in getting to the heart of the problems, helped my body heal quickly. I am grateful beyond words. She is a gift!

LORENZO T, Santa Monica

I have a bad back and a stiff neck. I’ve been searching for a doctor to help me and I was getting discouraged. Then, I met Cindy Albon. She has helped more than anyone. Cindy is an intuitive, natural healer. Her treatments have given me pain relief, more range of motion and a consistent feeling of well being. After a session with Dr. Albon, I find myself with a pain free and a stress free body that lasts. I highly recommend WellStream Acupuncture.

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