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Dealing with subpar health issues can really affect your daily life and wellbeing. WellStream Acupuncture in Los Feliz can help resolve your health problems by providing acupuncture for stress relief, digestion issues, facial and cosmetic rejuvenation, and fertility treatment.

We are a holistic acupuncture clinic that seeks to make life easier on our patients by incorporating integrative acupuncture with traditional Chinese herbs, nutrition, supplement and lifestyle guidance. Board licensed acupuncturist and owner Cindy Albon has been in practice for over a decade. She is well known for her one on one work with patients to help them feel better – both physically and emotionally.

Treat Physical Pain, Emotional Stress & Digestion Disorders with Acupuncture

If you are currently experiencing pain, you should know that help is available. At WellStream Acupuncture, we can treat physical pain as well as emotional pain and digestion concerns with acupuncture. Acupuncture allows us to open the energy pathways located throughout your body by strategically placing tiny needles at different acupoints. By doing this, we can rebalance your body’s energy – your Qi. By unblocking your Qi, the health systems of your body can function normally and optimally. Many different ailments are resolved by allowing your body to combat these issues naturally.

Facial Rejuvenation & Cosmetic Acupuncturist in Los Feliz

There are many people who want to look younger, but not everyone has the desire, resources or the time to have plastic surgery. Botox or microneedling are options, but also are invasive, and can have unwanted side effects and recovery downtime. Fortunately, WellStream Acupuncture in Los Feliz has a natural solution: facial rejuvenation with cosmetic acupuncture. After just 3-4 sessions with us, you will notice real results. We utilize hair thin needles and organic skin products to take care of the wrinkles, blemishes or sagging that are bringing you down. Plus, results are natural and often last for years!

Fertility / Infertility Acupuncture in Los Feliz

Many women have difficulty trying to get pregnant.  We are here to tell you that there are ways that you can treat your conception and fertility issues effectively. One way is to have fertility acupuncture done at WellStream Acupuncture in Los Feliz. This special prenatal acupuncture can help you regulate your menstrual cycle so that you can better predict ovulation. It can balance your hormones and enhances egg quality to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Acupuncture can resolve women’s health issues like PCOS, fibroids or endometriosis to allow you to have more regular cycles and healthy conception. Fertility acupuncture has been proven to increase the success of IVF or IUI treatments, and is highly recommended by most fertility clinics.

Other Alternative / Holistic Natural Treatments & Remedies

Most of our patients respond well to traditional acupuncture medicine, but if you need other alternative and holistic remedies, we can provide those, too. These services include:

  • Auriculotherapy (Ear Acupuncture) – NADA protocols for addiction or weight loss
  • Electro-stimulation – great for increased pain relief compared to manual acupuncture
  • Moxibustion (Moxa Therapy) – best method to turn a breech baby
  • Sacred Geometry Acupuncture – for emotional release utilizing Gemstones, Essential Oils