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3 Reasons to Get Acupuncture Before Your Wedding

Calling all June brides! The summer months are always popular when it comes to planning a wedding. It seems that by the time the new year rolls around your fridge is already covered in save-the-date cards for the upcoming summer. So, what better time is there to discuss the benefits of acupuncture treatment for your wedding than right now?!

Acupuncture is a natural healing practice that is used to promote overall health and wellness year-round. However, when life gets busy, sometimes it takes a special occasion to remind you that you’ve been neglecting important self-care habits. Don’t let you’re your physical, mental, or emotional well-being fall to the wayside in the midst of wedding planning chaos.

Consider these three reasons why it’s crucial to take care of yourself—now more than ever—as your wedding approaches! Once you’re up to speed, schedule your first appointment with WellStream Acupuncture to get started!Reasons to Get Acupuncture Before Your Wedding

1.) Acupuncture helps reduce stress.

Planning your wedding is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and stressful periods of your entire life. There are so many details to figure out and decisions to make that being a bride almost becomes your full-time job. Acupuncture is one of the most effective natural remedies to calm your body and relax your mind and spirit.

By selecting specific pressure points, acupuncture stimulates the release of dopamine and serotonin—the “feel good” chemicals—in your body that balance mood and reduce the physical effects of stress. Additionally, the treatment helps you maintain this tranquil state by promoting better sleep habits and regulating your bodily response to the anxiety wedding planning often triggers.

2.) Make your skin glow.

Cosmetic acupuncture is being used more and more often by individuals seeking younger looking, smoother, and clearer skin without the risks of plastic surgery or Botox. When you think about it, facial acupuncture makes sense. Your face reflects the joy or pain that your mind and body experience—the goal of acupuncture is to regulate physical and mental health and infuse your spirit with positivity. When you feel good, you look good!

Beyond facial rejuvenation, acupuncture improves overall internal health and wellness to benefit your skin. Acupuncturists use techniques to boost collagen production, increase circulation and give you rejuvenated skin. It relaxes facial muscles too, drawing tension from above your neck to thwart fine lines and reduce the effects of aging, while getting rid of jaw tension headaches and sinus congestion simultaneously.

Acupuncture is also a great way to treat acne and brighten your complexion before your wedding photographer starts snapping pics!

3.) Promote weight loss.Reasons to Get Acupuncture Before Your Wedding

It is not recommended that you rely on acupuncture alone to lose weight but using it in conjunction with more traditional weight loss methods has been proven to significantly improve results. Acupuncture encourages healthy habits that make weight loss easier—improving sleeping patterns, balancing hormones, reducing cravings, and even regulating your menstrual cycle. So, don’t ditch your healthy diet and exercise regimen, just use acupuncture to boost them!

Acupuncture also contributes to weight loss by aiding digestion. Many digestive disorders cause weight gain and have uncomfortable symptoms that can hinder your big day. Acupuncture treats painful digestive discomfort, helps regulate your digestive system, and reduces bloating that can be mistaken for weight gain.

If you suffer from a chronic digestive disorder or are trying to stimulate weight loss, acupuncture offers an effective, alternative solution. Make sure you feel like a princess in your wedding dress, and that you get to enjoy your wedding meal at the same time by scheduling acupuncture sessions before your wedding arrives!

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If you’re a bride looking for some stress relief, radiant skin, and to feel your best on your wedding day, acupuncture is the best wedding gift you can give yourself! Acupuncture treatments also make excellent thank you gifts for showing your bridesmaids how much you appreciate all of the work they’re putting in to make your big day perfect.

Pamper yourself and whoever is by your side keeping you sane during the pre-wedding process with acupuncture! Set aside some time to relax and focus on the reason the stress will all be worth it—the celebration of love between you and your fiancé. Call us today for a brief phone consultation and to make an appointment for your first treatment!