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Give the Gift of Acupuncture This Holiday Season

Man Depressed Drinking AlcoholChristmas is only 9 days away. We are near the finish line, kind of, of the holiday season and for many that might cause a huge sigh of relief. The holidays are always a stressful time, especially when they come one after the other. Sometimes it feels like the world is punching you in the face over and over again. Sure, the holidays are good – they should be at least, but you have to be more realistic than that.

These days it is tough work squeezing any sort of enjoyment out of the festivities. There is simply too much on our plate, too much on our minds. That’s okay though. It’s not something you should let consume you, but rather you must recognize when you’re putting too much pressure on yourself and seek relief, an exit plan, a brief pain relieving hermitage that will take you out of the dissonant flow and put you in a place of peace. That is where a session with an acupuncturist can come in handy, for either you or as a gift for a loved one.

Acupuncture might just be the thing to get you through the holidays, the jolt of energy that will propel you into the New Year. In the words of Prevention Magazine, “Who would have guessed that tiny needle (or 12) could be such a boon to your well-being?” That tiny needle could very well transform the holidays from something is stressful, some kind of rat race, into some that is relaxing and reflective. Remember that any change begins with you, inside of you, and until that happens, there will always be a standstill.

Visiting an acupuncturist will have dramatic effects on your health, including helping out your head, mood, heart, sleep, menopause, nose, throat, immune system, back, and weight. Regarding mood for example, Jessica Migala writes, “Once weekly acupuncture sessions can treat depression within 3 months (comparable to results from counseling) likely because it regulates happy-making neurotransmitters in your brain.”

Wow, that is a dramatic transformation. Depression is the secret empire destroyer, the barbarians at the walls of your Rome. If not dealt with accordingly, the walls will tumble in to time flat. The world will throw you onto the operating table and have fun, and that’s no good at all. If depression can at all thwarted or slowed down, it is best to capitalize on the opportunity.

That is just one of the many, many benefits of acupuncture. We suggest checking out the article in full and if you have any questions at all, call us at Wellstream Acupuncture.