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Reducing Inflammation Fundamental to Longevity

Rinflammation esearch is now suggesting inflammation contributes to a wide range of ailments and disease which impacts our health and longevity. The immediate cause of inflammation is seen when you accidently slam your hand in a door or cut yourself. It’s when this reaction is more permanent does it become a problem, or chronic.

Problems such as heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and- most notoriously-cancer arise from chronic inflammation.  Paying attention to your body and quickly addressing any sores and infections which promote inflammation reduces the long term impacts of inflammation. Cutting out your unhealthy habits, such as eating fatty foods and smoking, are also crucial to avoiding inflammation.

Smoking leads to infection, which will lead to inflammation anywhere from your gums- thanks to the irritation smoking causes- to your lungs, thanks to all the foreign chemicals cigarette smoke introduces. Meanwhile, Obesity causes inflammation as fat cells churn out inflammatory proteins called cytokines. These types of issues lead to hidden inflammation, whereby the person doesn’t even know they are suffering from inflammation.

You may not know you are experiencing inflammation, but if you practice an unhealthy lifestyle, you are definitely at higher risk for inflammation. This is in great part why taking proactive measures to reduce inflammation is imperative to your extended longevity and health. There is no cure for cancer, but fighting inflammation is proven to reduce your risk.

 Aside from maintaining healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle, meditation and acupuncture are also proven to reduce both prevalent and hidden inflammation. Sustaining from alcohol consumption as much as possible and the antioxidants in green tea will also help you combat possible inflammation.


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