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Acupuncture is Great for Alleviating Stress

stress freeAcupuncture therapy yields many benefits to the human body. It’s proven to relieve muscle tension, headaches and indigestion. But many of these benefits stem from the one aspect acupuncturists are adamant the practice relieve most in the human body; stress.

Based on research measuring blood hormone levels and levels of a peptide secreted by the sympathetic nervous system, it has been scientifically proven acupuncture is perfect for relieving stress. This is crucial for your immediate and long term health. This is primarily because stress prevents healthy sleep patterns and adversely affects your heart health.

Stress brought on by overthinking actually interjects your sleep cycles. As you transition between sleep stages, your subconscious actually may interrupt and detract from your rest. This is all too common today as people are working more and more and experiencing more stress. Sleep is monumental to a healthy body.  

Not getting enough sleep can lead to an unhealthy weight. This is due in great part to the secretion of cortisol, a hormone that regulates appetite. This hormone is released when you are deprived of sleep, which causes hunger even if you aren’t even hungry! Little sleep also inhibits your body’s ability to metabolize carbohydrates for high levels of blood sugar. So without sleep, you are much more likely to pack on the pounds.

There is also the “flight or fight” response to acute stress, which plays an important part in your heart health. This is because when exceptionally stressed, blood flow is concentrated to your heart, lungs and brain. This excess swelling puts a disproportionate amount of stress on your heart and circulatory system, a direct cause of heart disease.

Also because your blood flow is restricted to only these designated parts of the body, it is not reaching other parts of your body, affecting everything from your sexuality to your brain function.

As you can see, there is a pyramid effect stemming from acupuncture therapy. It relieves your stress which helps you sleep. Sleep is imperative to your health, including a healthy weight and immune system. It also greatly impacts your sex life, which is important to sharing a happy life with your loved one.

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