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How Acupuncture Helps Your Health and Wellness

To stay healthy, you likely visit your primary care doctor on a yearly basis for a check-up. You likely visit the dentist every six months, to ensure that you are teeth are in good shape. Taking these types of preventative measures to maintain your health is important and can help you from illness, pain, and… Read more »

Acupuncture and Pregnancy: How Treatment Can Address Nausea, Pain and More

Did you know that acupuncture can offer you a wide range of benefits while you’re pregnant? Whether you’re an acupuncture veteran or looking for relief from acupuncture for the first time for some of the side effects of pregnancy, targeted acupuncture can help. Receiving acupuncture treatments while you’re pregnant is completely safe and can really… Read more »

Taking Away Tinnitus Symptoms through Acupuncture

Do you suffer from tinnitus, or persistent ringing in your ears? If you do, you might be curious about acupuncture treatment for tinnitus. Does it work? Will it help you? Acupuncture’s total effectiveness in treating tinnitus in patients is still being proven with official tests and studies within the medical community, but we can attest… Read more »

Bring More Spring to Your Skin

Winter weather can be harsh on your skin. Instead of heading into spring with dry, tired skin, revitalize your face with a facial rejuvenation acupuncture session! Acupuncture is a time-tested treatment with proven health benefits. One benefit you may not be aware of is its impact on skin health. Acupuncture can reduce redness and treats… Read more »

How Acupuncture Works – Understanding the Basics

323-620-4934If you’ve never had an acupuncture treatment before, you may be wondering: what’s this all about? Getting stuck with needles and lying still for 30 minutes doesn’t exactly seem relaxing! It’s easy to be skeptical but acupuncture is actually a 3,000-year-old treatment option that can aid with a number of ailments, from physical pain to… Read more »

Look Younger, Healthier in 2017 With Cosmetic Acupuncture

The new year is a great time to make new commitments to yourself about your career, your personal goals or your family. It’s also a good time to spend a little extra effort making sure you do something to make yourself feel good and confident. Did you know that having a few acupuncture treatments could… Read more »

Skipped the Flu Shot? Try Acupuncture Needles Instead

With the weather changing and our bodies adjusting to the new temperatures – not to mention all the friends and family we tend to visit this time of year – it’s no wonder that the fall is known for getting us a little bit sick. If you’re susceptible to flu symptoms, a flu shot could… Read more »

Acupuncture During Pregnancy

While acupuncture is known to be beneficial for health issues ranging from back pain to migraines, it may be a surprise for some people to learn that those same needles can ease the discomforts of pregnancy. Pregnancy symptoms that can be eased or even completely alleviated by acupuncture include: Morning sickness Headaches Sleep problems Swelling… Read more »

Natural Herbal Remedies vs. Pharmaceutical Medications

Do you have an ailment that you don’t feel comfortable taking prescription pharmaceutical medicines for? Then you may wish to consider the natural choice of traditional Chinese herbs. Herbal formulas are safe and effective without the side effects of pharmaceuticals, when prescribed under the knowledge and advice of a licensed acupuncturist. There are a number… Read more »

Cupping: Not Just for Olympic Athletes

If you have been watching swimming events at the Olympics this summer, you probably noticed the red circular blotches on some of the competing swimmers’ backs. No, those aren’t the tentacle marks caused by a fight with an octopus looking to win the gold, they are actually cupping circles. Several of these swimmers, including record-setter… Read more »