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Acupuncture Heals Soccer Injuries in Athletes

All eyes are on Brazil lately for the World Cup Soccer. I have treated quite a few soccer players with acupuncture to help heal their injuries. Most soccer injuries are ankle sprains or strains and ACL tears in the knee. Success Story: I had a patient with a quadriceps strain from soccer, and when he… Read more »

Yes, Facial Acupuncture is for Men too!

Recently I have received dozens of calls from men asking whether men can use Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture. Of course! Men want to look good too! I found this increasing trend in males seeking cosmetic treatments interesting, and thought it warranted a post. Although the majority of my facial acupuncture patients are females, about 15% of… Read more »

Voted Best Acupuncture in Los Angeles!

WellStream Acupuncture is humbled and proud to announce we have been nominated Best Acupuncture in Los Angeles by Fox LA’s HOT LIST. The voting continues into 2014, so please vote for us by visiting

Tip for Stress Relief

Are you breathing? Seriously. Or are you holding your breathe and holding in tension? Here’s a great Qi Gong deep breathing technique to relieve stress and increase energy. Sit straight in a chair, place both hands on the lower abdomen below the navel, an area called the Dan Tien. Imagine breathing into this area – close… Read more »

Recipe to Build the Immune System

Sick all the time? Allergies? Just plain feeling run down? Here’s my recipe for Mushroom Barley Soup to boost the immune system. I eyeball it, so no measurements. Put Pearl Barley in a ceramic pot. Use the water to barley ratio on the package and then add a few more cups – swapping water for… Read more »

Tip for Health & Longevity

When asked “What is your advice for a healthy, long life?”, my master teacher in Beijing answered, simply: “Good Mood” while he laughed. Be happy, be grateful and the cells in your body with thank you with wellness. And don’t forget, LAUGHTER is the best medicine.